Are you TRYING to move forward?

You know it's important, BUT your're not sure what you should do.

Or where to start.

So you're not doing anything, really....

This makes you feeel anxious and lose confidence. You start to doubt yourself, even beat yourself up.....

But you try to stay positive!

There IS a way forward.

The clarity you seek is inside YOU>>>>>


  • ENTERING A NEW PHASE of your life or business and need a clear vision moving forward, as well as clarity about your goals and plans; 
  • NAVIGATING A MAJOR CHANGE like divorce, career change, loss of a loved one, starting a business, retirement, moving, starting over....
  • NOT  DOING SOMETHING IMPORTANT - like decluttering your space, or writing your book or getting in shape - and you're ready to finally make it happen;
  • FEELING STUCK. You don't want to - can't! - keep going the way you have been. Yet you can't see your way forward, either....You need a BREAKTHROUGH!  

My personal invitation to you: “Let me take you by the hand and walk you through my proven Clarity Course process to unlock your true clarity, confidence and deep guidance!”


Your mission, should you choose to accept it: 

Get CLEAR about what you really want; Uncover your unique, do-able PLAN to make it happen;

BREAK THROUGH everything that's held you back;

and start FULFULLING your heart's desires -- in 6 life-changing weeks!



Here's HOW The Clarity Course unlocks your Clarity, Confidence and Deep Guidance.

Module #1

Access Your Deep Guidance for Surprising Clarity

In this module we work with 4 powerful tools to tap into YOUR own soul guidance and get the clarity you crave:

  • Visioning with Writing you'll get clear about what you really want, and how it will feel to achieve it -- crucial for activating your whole brain to fulfill your dreams.
  • Relax with my beautiful guided meditation to uncover your best life; you may be spurprised, even moved, by what you see...
  • Dialogue with your "trusted guidance": you'll be led to connect directly and to ask the questions that generate the clear answers you need (plus wisdom you don't even know to ask for!)
  • Discover your personal Essence words for the next phase of your life or business - the heart of what you desire. They are the SEED of your big vision, which you'll see in Module 2....

I Got Clarity I Didn't Even Expect!

This was very powerful for me: I discovered the purpose of my business, how I would need to grow for it to be successful, and I even got a tagline!

I've made vision  boards before, but now I see they were about what I thouth I "should" want. The vision board I made with Pamela was amazingly different - and so much more inspiring!

I got answers I wasn't even looking for; because Pamela's clarity process took me out of my head and into a much truer knowing. Now I can go forward with much more clarity; confidece and ease of purpose. 

Daphe Cohn, Founder of Evolve and Profit


Module #2

SEE Your Big Vision -- And Join Our Vision Board Party!

In this module, you literally SEE the essence of what you want: for your work, relationships, health, family, mission, personal growth- everything that matters to you- and get right to the heart of what lights you up and brings you joy and fulfullment.

  • Your potent Essence words from Module #1 become the SEED of your big vision here. You will literally see it!
  • We'll use Vision with Images to tap into the power of your subconscious mind to find images that are far more meaningful and significant than anything you'd consciously pick. Even better, having those resonant images on your vision board will direct your subconscious mind to FIND the same experiences in your life! That's how you "manifest" your heart's desires... 
  • You'll learn how to USE your vision borad to experience what you desire NOW and everyday, for powerful motivation moving forward. 
  • Plus you'll get my "5 Fun Tips to Get Free Pix" handout, so you can easily get the magazines you need for free -- and save the environment, too!

"A Simple Collection of Pictures From Magazines People Threw Out has COMPLETELY TRANSFORMED MY LIFE"

I never though that just a couple hours of my life (doing Modules 1 & 2) could change things so much -- but looking at my vison board every day has changed me. I created it just as I was coming out of a deep depression... 

It's helped me remember what I really want out of life - instead of spending all my time doing what others expect me to do.  It created focus and direction for my life to mainfest itself in the way I wanted. 

I never thought I could be this happy and fulfilled! (That's me getting married on the lake this past summer - my wife looks just like the women in my vision board!)

Karl Gesslein, Computer Gurus


Module #3

Plant Your Vision-Seed So It Can Grow

In this module, you'll take your big vision -- your SEED of inspriation -- and PLANT it in the real world, with a "VISION-POWERED PLAN."

This brings your vision out of the realm of fantasy and grounds it in reality, where it can acutally change your life. Here's how we'll do this:

  • First you'll learn my 3 part formula fo rcreating Vison-Powered Goals, and crat your own truly inspired Goal as you watch the webinar!
  • You'll also create your own Vision-Powered Plan to fulfill your Goal, right down to your very next steps - using the magic of applying "the Merlin Principle" to your Vision-Powered Goal. (This simple technique of working backwards can be mind-blowing, as you'll hear in the short video below.)
  • You'll leave Module 3 with a clear and inspring plan to grow your dreams into reality!

Success Stories


Module 3 completes the core of  The Clarity Course.   But that is not all!

You’ll also get 4 amazing BONUSES!

Awareness BONUS!

The Fear and Dobt Clinic

Know what happens when you create a Vision-Powered Plan and start taking action?

You’re excited at first — but soon all the reasons you can’t do it, it won’t work, you don’t deserve it, and you’re a fool for even trying — start to show up.

So in our infamous “Fear and Doubt Clinic," we dig up all those fears and doubts and insecurities that stop you — so you're aware of how you've been holding yourself back! -- and then you get to remove them with my Transformation Bonus, below.

This is SO important: failure to do this vital step is why so many people never fulfill their goals and dreams . . .

But I've got you covered!

"A Truly Amazing Experience!"

I've never been more motivated in my life to achieve my
vision for my life. I strongly recommend this!
Sometimes we must take the time to truly see what we want
to achieve in our lives and businesses.

Tracy Higginbotham,
President of


Transformation BONUS!!

Soul Alignment Session

So You’re Free to Go For It!

Most goals and dreams have a short life and a high failure rate — because those tender seedlings of hope and possibility soon get choked off by the gnarly weeds of self-doubt, fear, and unworthiness.

I want YOUR goals and dreams to avoid this sad fate! So I’m giving you this very special Transformation BONUS. In this session I will guide you through a powerful belief-change process, which will empower you to fulfill your Vision-Powered Plan and live the life of your dreams . . .

We’ll use my proven Soul Alignment System to uproot the “weeds" you uncovered in The Fear and Doubt Clinic, and replace them with empowering higher truths that
free you up.

You won’t even have to 'try hard'! It’s easy to quickly and permanently change your “stinking thinking” and self-sabotage -- when you replace it at the same deep level you created it. You will be able to verify for yourself that you've made this profound shift.

This truly life-changing Soul Alignment Session is valued at $450. Even if you get nothing else out of the Clarity Course, transforming your limited thinking is more than worth the price of admission!

"My stress has disappeared! I'm AMAZED!"

I had all kinds of energy for hours after the Soul Alignment Session, even though I was tired before it.

Now I think about what I need to do without feeling stressed — which is HUGE! I'm confident I can do it well. I feel more peaceful, and calmer, happy and buoyant inside . . .

Lisa Fernandez,
Jazz Musician, Actress and Lover of Life

"Continues to have a profoundly positive impact on my daily life"

This session allowed me to stop acting out on self-destructive habits, and helped me trust the power that is within me.

Since then I've had more confidence advertising my business and speaking to potential clients -- and as a result, my finances are improving. These simple and powerful ways to release unconscious blocks really work!

I just want to thank you again from the deepest space in my heart -- a lot is getting done, the foundations are being laid, and the internal YES for life (which I have been missing for so long) is re-awakening and solidifying!

Ethan Sisser,
Certified SomaVeda Thai Yoga Therapist and Instructor


Wisdom BONUS!

Vision Board Soul Guidance


What hidden messages does your vision board have for you?

In this BONUS webinar we explore the deeper meanings and soul guidance hidden in Clarity Course participants' vision boards. You'll find this exploration of the hidden guidance in our vision boards SO inspiring!

This final webinar also includes a powerful exercise to help you identify what YOU need to maintain your momentum after the Clarity Course is over.

"So insightful, encouraging, and helpful!"

I was blown away, yet again, at how amazing Pamela is and how the seemingly simple and obvious things she says are so insightful, encouraging and helpful.

Michelle Shauger,
Regional Vice-President, Primerica Services


Support BONUS!!

Private Facebook Support Group

To ensure you have all the support you need,
you’ll be invited to our private
Clarity Course Support Community on Facebook

There you can ask questions, get answers and resources, find support and accountability -- and share your vision board, Vision-Powered Goal, and action steps as you follow your Vision-Powered Plan.

Plus you’ll have instant access to all of your Clarity Course webinars and materials in one easy place!

Not on Facebook? No problem, you can sign up just to be in our group -- you don't have to deal with the rest of Facebook.

"I stopped making myself small!"

I got rid of all the places in my life I was making myself small and got really clear about my “vision-powered goal.”

I got rid of all the places in my life I was making myself small and got really clear about my “vision-powered goal.”

And I took it from a goal to a reality! I also learned how to get real results from my inner guidance and get clear about my next inspired actions. This allowed me to expand my vision for my business and my life!

Tiffani Keaton,
Action-Oriented Coach,
Creative Consultant and Jeweler

So to recap, here's what you get with The Clarity Course:

Three classes that show you how to:

  • ACCESS Your Deep Guidance for Surprising Clarity — by Visioning with Writing, to discover your true inspiration
  • SEE Your Big Vision, by Visioning with Images and creating an inspired  Vision board — the SEED of your best life
  • PLANT your vision “seed” by grounding it in real-life actions — with your Vision-Powered Plan to grow it into reality!

Plus 4 wonderful BONUSES:

  • #1 AWARENESS: The Fear and Doubt Clinic
  • #2 TRANSFORMATION : Replace Your Fears and Doubts with
    True Confidence, in our Soul Alignment Session ($450 value)

  • #3 GUIDANCE:  Uncover the Hidden Guidance in your Vision Board

"The best experience of self-motivation I ever felt!"

I got rid of all the places in my life I was making myself small and got really clear about my “vision-powered goal.”

I heartily endorse Pamela's Clarity Course. It helped me see that the answers I was seeking are within me already; guided me to make a relevant vision board; and helped me translate the vision board into personal and business goals -- with immediate, actionable steps.

And I took it from a goal to a reality! I also learned how to get real results from my inner guidance and get clear about my next inspired actions. This allowed me to expand my vision for my business and my life!

I found the clarity I was seeking. And I accomplished every action step I set for this month! It is extremely energizing to see the progress I've already made toward my goals. The enormous power of focus and clarity is an energizing force driving me each day since. Thank you, Pamela, I have greatly benefited from your guidance.

Mark Kapsky,
Entrepreneur and Business Owner


"WOW -- this all sounds fabulous. So what's it going to cost me?"

This is the exciting part. You see, I truly care about making this life-changing 6 week course do-able and accessible. 

The Clarity Course normally sells for $297 (and you'll find it sellling at the price right now, elsewhere onliine). 

But I'm making it super-affordable here, so everyone who needs it can benefit . . . 

This means right now you can save $200 on this premium-quality online course, with LIVE support and powerful bonuses --and get ALL of it . . .

. . . for just $99. 

With my 100% satisfaction guaratee, it's a no-branier!

You Are Protected By My
"I LOVE This Course"

I'm confident you will be thrilled with The Clarity Course. I also know that if you follow the simple steps and do the work, you'll find deep clarity about what matters most to you, and discover a life-changing connection with your
own inner guidance.

Just to back that up, I'll give you 3 months after you finish it to live with the results and REALLY decide in your heart if it's given you the clarity you came for. If it hasn't . . . Just let me know, show me you did the work, and get a full refund. No hassle or hard feelings. No hoops to jump through. You can't lose with my iron-clad, money-back guarantee!
Fair enough?

"A tremendous catalyst for growth and change!"

This course was a tremendous catalyst for growth and change in my life. It was an ideal experience in many ways, and the opportunity to interact with Pamela personally (in the Facebook group) really set this program above those I've encountered since.

It also provided something tangible -- a vision board that still graces my sacred space -- and practical skills I keep returning to.

Deborah Long,

Writer, Director and Performer

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Q: When does The Clarity Course start?

A: It's an evergreen course, meaning you can start anytime. You get access as soon as you register, and can do the six classes at your own pace because they are webinar recordings. The course also includes weekly Facebook Live support calls.

Q: Where are the classes?

A: The Clarity Course classes include webinar recordings and supporting materials. They are hosted in the Units section of our private Clarity Course Support Community on Facebook, so you can do them right there -- for easy all-in-one access to classes and support. This means you can ask questions as you do the course and track your progress, plus get support and feedback in our weekly Facebook Live calls for added value.

Q: How much time and focused attention will it take?

A: This is deep (and enjoyable!) inner work; you will want to give it your complete attention. That said, you can do it whenever is best for you. Expect to spent about 2 hours per class. There are 6 classes in the course. Doing a class a week works well for most people.

Q: What if I’m not on Facebook?

A: No problem, you can sign up just to be in our group -- you don't have to deal with the rest of Facebook. You'll get a Welcome email when you register with details of how to join.

Q: What if this doesn't work for me?

A: I am so confident that you will get the clarity you seek, and that you'll love this course, that I 100% guarantee your satisfaction — or your money back! Yes, you can do the entire course and at the end, if you’re not satisfied, just show that you did the work and I will refund ALL your money. No hassle, no reasons needed . . . YOU CAN’T LOSE!

"One of the most precious gifts of my adult life"

When I signed up for this course I was supporting my son's journey with Autism while also trying to support my military spouse and caring for all the demands of our family in his absence. I put everyone else's needs above my own!

I lost touch with everything that was important to me, outside of being my son's #1 champion. I felt that I was failing not only my spouse, but also myself. Depression hovered.

The grace and serenity in Pamela's voice captured me from the first call. I immediately recognized a joyful, effervescent, and playful spirit in each word she spoke. As I continued with the course, I felt so encouraged to relax and breathe into this experience. Pamela has a gift for inspiring the best within you.

Her guidance through the amazing process and exercises of the Clarity Course allowed me to get out of my own way. I will be forever grateful -- it is through this experience I have truly discovered CLARITY and reclaimed myself.

I wouldn't be where I am without this course.
I can't thank you enough!

Emily W.,
Mother Inspired by the Gift of Autism, Joyfully Creating a Vibrant Life

It's time to decide.


Are you ready to get clear?

Yes Pamela, I'm ready!

I understand that my satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, and that right now I can get the Clarity Course with all the bonuses, including LIVE support from you and our Facebook group,
for just $99.

I'm saving $200 off the regular price!

"I couldn't stop talking about this course!"

I chose the Clarity Course to resolve something
that had troubled me for years.
I got that, and much more.

Pamela's unique insights into often-used techniques reconnected me to a deep part of myself I had
lost sight of. The process released energy and creativity that are benefiting not just myself,
but also my loved ones and my clients.

This course made a profound difference for me,
and I highly recommend it, for deep and
lasting change.

Marilyn Haun, M.Ed.

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