Take your book idea from the heart and head to the printed page, become a #1 Bestselling author, and experience accelerated business growth. Learn from 33 top industry leaders how to market and increase book sales through powerful tips, tools, and strategies to become an impactful influencer.

  • 2 x Emmy award-winning TV News Reporter Rich Dubek shares his firsthand knowledge of simple ways to more effectively and impactfully use storytelling for news media, social media, and live audiences.
  • Jay Fiset brings us the concept of profitable Joint Venture relationships to exponentially grow our businesses. He guides his audiences to tap in on the amazing potential of incredible relationships that make all the difference for both your target market and your business growth. Jay is dedicated to instigating a global movement of conscious creators and supporting people to organize their life and resources around their passion and gifts.
  • Orly Amor teaches us how to monetize our message through PAID public speaking, and there is a system for tapping into this that is not as difficult as you may think. Learn about her coaching systems that will land you speaking gigs in your own locality and get paid well for doing so. 
  • Innovative and forward-thinking, Troy Howard tells us about SoTellUs to easily and quickly get reviews for books, speaking engagements, the services, and products we provide and then having those reviews show up in all the right places…including our google listing, social media, and our websites.
  • The wisdom and brilliance of Sue Ferreira as she speaks shines as she shares why video is an important and necessary marketing tool and how to do it the right way, then post in all the right places. Through the skillful use of video, she has gained an international following that loves her style of teaching.

These are only a few of our amazing speakers! 

You will gain so much from each of these amazing experts!

Becky Norwood is CEO of Spotlight on Your Business | Spotlight Publishing, #1 International Bestselling author, speaker and book publishing expert. Her main area of focus has been teaching and working with entrepreneurs and small business owners to establish their knowledge and expertise, and find ways to stand out in our busy, noisy world in powerful ways.

Spotlight Publishing was developed in conjunction with her main business as she studied what is working…and not working to grow a business. Becky now expertly guides her clients to become authors and understanding the big picture behind authoring books by implementing tools, tips, and resources that make publishing worth the time and effort. Her team has successfully brought over 200 authors to #1 Bestseller due to a unique system and powerful affiliate connections.

Natalie McQueen is the Director of Marketing and Sales at Spotlight Publishing. Natalie has a background in finance, sales, marketing, and has trained with mindset development leaders over the past 15 years.

Natalie supports authors to envision and create a path of a bigger brand and business model, guiding them to recognize how they can showcase their expertise and knowledge by publishing a book, becoming a bestselling author and using that book as their calling card to grow their impactful influence.

Natalie is responsible for planning, development and coaching authors to implement the right combination of marketing strategies, and tools that will keep their bookselling long after it has published. She has a passion to work with Non-Profits to help them to touch the world with their message. Spotlight Publishing shows Non-Profits a way they can implement Book Publishing to create a consistent Revenue Stream. Spotlight Publishing believes in giving back and has special discounts and pricing for Non-Profits.

Meet Our Speakers

Charmaine Hammond

Robert Evans

Gail Watson

Brady Patterson

Orly Armor

Lorenzo Hickey

John Mahoney

Marilyn Sutherland

Troy Howard

Arline Warwick

Ari Taub

Sue Ferreira

Deneene Collins

Cody Dakota Wooten

​Jacque Zoccoli

Rosemarie Barnes

Michelle Calloway

​Jay Fiset

​Laura Rubinstein

Kimberly Hobscheid

Maggie Mongan

Gerry Watkins

Kim Albee

​Shannon Gronich

Richard Reiman

Debbie Drum

Rich Dubek

Marjorie Saulson

​Lauren Cohen

Byron Ingraham

Toni Kaufman


Free Gifts Include:

  • How to turn collaboration into cash
  • Step by step secrets to having your own TV Show + 3 Free Months TV Channel
  • The Authors Guide to audiobook creations
  • How to be seen and heard using video
  • Complimentary Clarity from Chaos session and how to uncover new niches and alliances
  • Passive Income hotspot guide
  • Media Magic Book – How to Get FREE Media
  • Free listing in the Personal Development App
  • How to connect for profitable joint ventures
  • Speaker Success Plan
  • Connect heart-to-heart workshop
  • LinkedIn Social Selling Series and Lead Generation Kit
  • The anatomy of a brilliant blog post
  • Confident Breathing for SpeakersUltimate Toolbox for Creating and Selling Courses by Iman Aghay
  • Email Success Formula
  • Outward Mindset Formula
  • Mindset Mastery Book and 10 Reasons Event Planners Won’t Hire You
  • And many more

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